Nederland Beterland



A very interesting project as it's related to current events in the Netherlands.


The Dutch CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics) has been stepping up their game for a while now. They make great infographics and have other great campaigns but they wanted to do a project with storytelling. To try and tell stories related to the sustainability of our food. In a team of 4 we tackled the question: "Do we eat less sustainable food than we used to?"


Once we had our characters we decided on a very stylistic approach. Our visual artist on the team did most of the drawing work. It was definitely a learning experience to work with these kind of assets in development.


We came up with a number of ideas but the one that really stuck with us was a story based around two characters. Hugo, an old journalist that has been documenting the change in food for his job over his carreer. And Lisa, his granddaughter a marketing student. We wanted to portray the different views and perceptions regarding food between the generations. After all, the modern generation is used to everything being conveniently cut and pre packaged. But how good is that for our sustainability?


The multi media story features voice acting, different kind of trigger events made with javascript, there's also an informational video.


We developed a multimedia story on our website that takes the user through the story of Hugo and Lisa, their differences when it comes to food and how Lisa can learn to think with a more sustainable eye. After all the new generation is the future. We designed the website from a visitor's Point of view, the user clicks through the pages visiting different rooms of Hugo's house as they go. The introduction is also voice acted.

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