Museum Prototypes

UX Design


This was a very conceptual project during the time where AI services like Midjourney and ChatGPT went mainstream. Ofcourse we experimented with it for a prototype, to get an idea for what the visuals might be like. I can't recommend using it for something official though.


A project for Centre Ceramique (soon Museum Maastricht), a museum in Maastricht. They have a beautiful collection of both pre-historic as well as bronze-age relics. There's many stories to be told, but no one there to experience them. In a team of 4 we set out to develop a user experience to make ancient history more engaging.


The aim was to really create an experience. Incorporating various senses, immersion, interaction. During the process we held interviews, researched the subject matter and came up with several ideas. An important guideline was the 5E model. Utilising this we crafted the experience all the way from the initial Excitement to the Extension, a reason to visit again.


As a team we decided to focus on the importance of Ceramics. Since their creation ushered in the first farms and villages. A sustainable way of life. We wanted to do something with a pot since the ceramic's look, technique and quality changed a lot for various reasons. It was also a lot more accessible which is really important because you want to reach as many people as possible.


The virtual prototype really gave a sense of immersion during testing. The combination of both a physical prototype and a virtual prototype really painted the picture for a lot of users and they ended up being very enthused by our concept.


We developed both a physical and virtual prototype. Both of them representing this cave chamber where the user could spin a clay pot in the middle that would then change the scenery around them in the cave. This way, by turning the pot they would gradually learn about the importance of ceramics in the neolithic era.

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