Maastricht 1853

Graphic / UX Design


A big part of the festival experience is to see all there is to offer. Many activities have achievements and collectible medals to earn.


A graphic + user experience design project for the SHCL done in a team of 2. The SHCL is the center for social history in the provice of Limburg, The Netherlands. They posess a large amount of archives and records of the province's social history, but that history doesn't get a lot of recognition. It was up to us to design something that would spark a new interest in the province's history and hopefully get the SHCL some new backing.


Maastricht has a lot of history regarding beer, especially around the year 1853. All the more reason to include special Maastricht 1853 festival beers!


The main theme for this project was 'festival' a historic festival if you will. Together with a partner we designed a franchiseable festival that would take place across the ages within the country. The festival incorporates various activities and musicians and aims to simulate the time in history it is meant to protray. In our case, the city of Maastricht in 1853.


The website and companion app accent color is randomised upon each visit.


We portrayed the city's history with a modern twist by incorporating call to action words and modern color schemes into the design. The festival is aimed to be an accessible but immersive dive into the world of Maastricht 1853. Along with the design and user experience, we designed a website and companion app. The companion app acts as a platform for users to share memories, read up on information and history and adds a new layer of depth when interacting in certain activities during the festival.

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