Graphic / UX Design


Kids now are a lot different from myself when I was a kid. The world is constantly changing and evolving and especially when it comes to technology we come in contact with it so much earlier than we used to.


Codeventure was a project done in a team of 4 to provide a programming workshop for elementary schools. We had to find a way to make programming fun and engaging for kids of that age to try and raise more awareness for their future in this digital age.


P5JS was an obvious choice. for kids it's important to see the effects of their actions, so having a play button that runs their code immediately was really useful.


We wanted our project to be about discovery and creativity. So we came up with the Workshop "Coders of the Galaxy" Something that sounded recogniseable but with a twist. In this workshop the kids would use P5JS and learn how to make basic shapes and colors. After following along they could try and come up with their own alien or fantasy landscapes.


I evolved a lot graphically over the course of this project, I learned to really lean into what kind of feeling a project should evoke and how to make use of that. I also like working with accent colors that could signify different things.


We named our team CodeVenture and developed it to be able to provide workshops for various ages and levels of education. Integrating that theme into the design it ended up being something playful but not too playful. With an accent color that could designate the different levels of education. Along with the website we made a workbook for the kids to work in, cheat sheet included.

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