Generative Art


When you have full creative freedom, even getting started can be tough, this taught me to look within myself for inspiration.


This project was all about going through a creative process, At the start you really don't know where you'll end up or how to even begin. The only set goals were that it was to be a piece of generative art and that it had to be some sort of music visualiser.


An example of experimentation; a cathedral layered and stamped around at random to create a more interesting visual.


I started by combining things I found fascinating. Those being Gothic Architecture and the neon aesthetic of modern retro nostalgia. I started experimenting in Photoshop and later tried to replicate those experiments in Java / Processing.


Developing and designing generative art inspired me to try and incorporate more artistic elements in my work.


I ended up rasterizing the images in Processing and adding a Neon filter on top to complete the aesthetic I was going for. I built a small Arduino controller to manipulate the visuals for live VJ-ing, things like color, rasterization, and other functions were added.

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